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Innovius2 was established in 2018, as an independent PCO department of Innovius Strategist. Nicosia was chosen as base, due to the symbolic ties of the city with ancient Greek mythology.  The narrative describes Sirena, a seductive marine nymph who cheered on one's call. Nicosia according to the myth of Apollodorus, was the daughter of the river Acheloos and Moussa Melpomenis or Terpsichoris (Apollonius the Rhodes) or Steropis. Homer was the one who first reported the Sirena as the female figure with bird bodies, in the epic of the Odyssey, which misled the travelers with their song. According to Greek mythology, the word Nicosia translates as "White Essence" or as the city of the White Gods.


Innovius2 aims to stimulate Cyprus' links to history through hosting and organising International conferences and symposiums. Professionalism and expertise of Innovius' high calibre team, has earned the confidence, respect, and trust of both clients and the community. Growth and success springs from customer trust. 


“Our mission is to be the leading professional conference organiser for regional knowledge interaction, this being inter-governmental, political, medical, technological and academic. Professionalism, dedication, knowledge and experience are our core values”.


Innovius2 seek to understand local needs and match them to business objectives. We bring together local businesses and community organizations with International business and organizations to create sustainable and rewarding collaborative partnerships across sectors, to make a positive difference

Innovius2 offers professional conference consultancy and support services for medical, technological, academia research conferences. With a solid base for communication and administration, we strive to offer our clients cost saving solutions within the set budget offered. Our conferences are unique and tailor-made adjusted to client needs and wants.

Corporate Business Connectors
Proffesional Conference Organisers
Corporate MICE Consultancy

Innovius2 offers professional conference consultancy services for medical, technological, academia research conferences.

Innovius2  consults and teams up with professional associations, private societies, chambers  and governmental organisations to strategically design and deliver turn-key  conference solutions where professionals within the industry can productively network with each other.

Religious Congresses & Symposiums

Innovius2 specialises in the field of Conferences on Religion and Spirituality by creating religious congresses with a twofold purpose: to promote St.Paul's first mission as part of the "paths of St Paul" pilgrimage with   critical and historical study importances. Conferences, and symposia are designed to represent a broad range of disciplines and percpectives, while promoting the work of christianity on the island.  Innovius2, in collaboration with the 3 theological departments of Cyprus universities, organise open and closed door conferences of wolrd substance. Attendees include scholars of worthiness in the field, as well as members of religious societies, who wish to  travel  from all corners of the globe interested in studying within a broader context the christian values. A variety of presentation options and session types offer opportunities for attendees to share their work, discuss key issues in the field, and build relationships with attendees.



Innovius2, the emerging knowledge power in the East Mediterranean, brings to the market solid 25 years’ knowledge and experience.  With a strong vision, to become the leading regional professional facilitator & conference organiser, Innovius2 is receiving a winning reputation due to its excellency and professionalism in the business consultancy industry Our sole aim, to provide the expertise, share valuable knowledge and aid our prestigious clients implement goals and strategies provided to reach their maximum potential which will assist their society to grow. As a professional conference organiser, our job is to release event administrative pressure from our client, allowing their routine to concentrate on day to day business development.  Conference organisation and management is our core area of expertise, and hands on know how knowledge.

With headquarters based in the capital of Cyprus, Innovius2 is represented in Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Athens &Thessaloniki, with a strong business network loyal to the tailored and sophisticated professional management strategy package provided. Our professional and dedicated team, offer round-the-clock professional support on local, regional & International strategic design & implementation, marketing and conference concept management.



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Tina holds an MBA from Henley School of Management (UK) & an MA International Relations & European Studies. She is fluent in 3 languages. An experienced industry leader with a proven track of establishing and growing businesses she brings extensive experience in working across the full breadth of channels.  With a strong knowledge of international knowledge of international management solutions & hardcore sales oriented,  Tina is a dedicated team leader.

Tina heads Innovius2 International strategic design & implementation, marketing and concept management.

Co - Founder, CEO.



Constantinos obtained his BA in European University Cyprus with specialization in Marketing and also participating in several seminars/programmes in the Business Development, International Marketing, Management and Digital Marketing.
For the past twenty years, he has been highly involved in a wide range of companies and industries locally and Europe. Constantinos always put the maximum effort on what he is doing and he doesn’t give up till he achieves his goals.

Associate project manager - IFA local partner 




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